Surgical Tools

for octagonal or morse taper connection implants

trousse_chir M

Surgical kit

All the elements necessary for your implant surgery gathered in the surgical kit corresponding to the implant range you have chosen: M, 8 or infinity..


A compact and complete kit design.


Components available in different sizes to meet all clinical cases.


Easy to clean and steam sterilizable.

Kit of drills with removable stoppers

In addition to your 8 or M surgical kit, we provide you with a kit of 4 drills and 20 removable stoppers. This kit is available in 3 models: M, 8 and Infinity.

Reliable drilling sequence

The stopper prevents the drill from reaching undesired depth.

Retention system by friction

Specific drills host the stoppers by simple clipping.


Easy to clean and steam sterilizable.

trousse_butee et forets

trousse d'espacement prothétique

Kit of prosthetic spacing guides

The kit of prosthetic spacing guides allows to centre its drilling thanks to the guides which simulate the mesio-distal diameter of the future prosthetic crowns.

Pilot drills

which will guide the drilling sequence during the implant site preparation.

Spacing guides

,to be used when placing adjacent implants. They will replace the pointer drills after drilling.

These items’ shoulder diameters correspond to the average diameter of the different teeth. The aim is to reproduce prosthetically the anatomy of natural teeth for optimal aesthetics.
Moreover, the implant will be centered in relation to the prosthesis, for a better distribution of the chewing forces.

Make surgery easier!

TBR implants and prosthetics systems have a multitude of benefits and tools to simplify your daily practice of implant surgery.

Zirconia-Titanium Z1 implants

– Anti-bacterial shield
-ƒƒ Enhanced cell adhesion and proliferation
ƒƒ- Gingival creeping attachment and reconstruction of the papillae
ƒƒ- Better aesthetic care of the gingival tissue

Tips for use

The TBR implants are placed in the bone following a unique and simple drilling protocol.

Torque wrench

clé dynamo

The torque wrench can be used in Ratchet Mode (cursor position on the infinity symbol) or Torque Mode (cursor position on a scale from 10 to 45

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