Bone Pin System

3D bone regeneration.

The BONE PIN SYSTEM is a kit for three-dimensional bone regeneration.

Thanks to its 3 mm and 5 mm length Titanium micro-pins, it allows the fixation of 0.1 or 0.2 mm thick Titanium meshes, 20 or 40 µm thick Titanium foils or resorbable membranes.

- Full set:15 pins + Tools + Container


3 mm Titanium micro-pins

pin titane

5 mm Titanium micro-pins


Titanium hexagonal screwdriver


Titanium meshes and foils

Product BENEFIT: a foolproof prehension


Open the Titanium container by rotating the lid around its axis.

Titanium micro-pins appear, organized as follows:

at the center: 5 mm [blue] pins

on the rim: 3 mm [grey] pins


Use the positioning tool [handle + straight or angled tip]. Press the tip on the chosen pin after removing the blue Titanium tip cap. A ‘clic’ will indicate the correct prehension of the pin.


The pin is ready to be set on the surgical site.

N.B.: In order to replace the pin in the container, slightly lean the handle after returning the pin to its original place and the pin will be released.

Bone Pin System benefits

No digital contact

A clip system for the prehension of the micro-pins, avoiding digital contact.


The container and its Titanium lid are completely autoclavable.

Removable tips

A straight or angled tip can be fitted on the handle.

Removable lid

The Titanium lid can be opened or closed by simply rotating it around its axis.

Threaded pins

For safe mesh, membrane and foil fixation, the micro-pins have crestal level threads.

Q-Bone Grafting Set

The ideal osteosynthesis surgery kit for methods of pre-implant bone augmentation.