Q-Bone Grafting Set

The osteosynthesis screw kit

The Q-BONE GRAFTING SET is an osteosynthesis surgical kit, ideal for pre-implant bone augmentation procedures.

In case of alveolar ridge defect, it can be necessary to stabilize the defect through bone regeneration. After bone remodelling, implants can be safely set.
The set is available in two versions:

- Complete Set 70 bone screws + Steribox + Instruments

- Complete Set 40 bone screws + Steribox + Instruments

Q-Bone Grafting Set Benefits









The Steribox and Titanium lid are fully autoclavable in conventional sterilization conditions.

Large choice








The laser markings present on the Titanium screw holder simplify the choice of the screw according to the size of the graft.

Square Head Friction







With ‘square head’ friction, prehension of the screws is optimized, thus ensuring secure bone fitting and reducing the risk of falling.

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