Standard prosthetic solutions

with octagonal connection

The main families of standard prosthetic solutions for octagonal connection implants are presented in the general synopsis hereunder.

Make surgery easier!

TBR implants and prosthetic systems come with a multitude of benefits and tools that will simplify your daily practice of implant-supported prosthesis.

Angulation kit







The angulation kit makes it easy to select the appropriate angulation for your clinical case.

Shoulder height selector







The shoulder height selector measures the available gingiva to help you select easily the dimensions of the prosthetic component.

Torque wrench

clé dynamo







The torque wrench can be used as a ratchet wrench (infinity symbol) or as a torque wrench (graduation from 10 to 45

Implant platform & Universal color code

For better recognition of the components to use, a color code is integrated into all our systems.

The reference of this code represents the diameter of the implant platform, each platform thus having its color.

Implant platform?

The temporary Titanium prosthetic component families follow this color code:

– Healing screws
– Cover screws
– Impression transfers
– Analogs